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Durango Botanic Gardens

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Durango Botanic Gardens 2022 Board of Directors - Names and Areas of Responsibility

Executive Committee

Bill LeMaire,


Develops meeting agendas, chairs board meetings, member of Marketing committee, website administrator, chair of the Art in the Gardens Committee, and lead grant writer.

Barbara Johnson, Vice President Barbara Johnson, Vice President
Chairs Marketing and Outreach committee, member of Literary Garden and Docent Training Committees. She also develops the Great Garden Series of lectures.

Connie Markert, TreasurerConnie Markert, Treasurer
Manages organization’s finances, maintaining banking relationships, preparing financial reports, etc. She co-chairs the Annual Bulb Sale.  

Annette LeMaire, Secretary 

Chairs the Membership Committee and is a member of the Marketing Committee and designs our collateral materials. She is on the Art-in-the-Gardens and New Gardens Committee. 

Board Members

Melanie Palmer, Director and CuratorMelanie Palmer, Director and Curator

As Curator of the Gardens, Melanie arranges for the selection and planting of our trees, shrubs and other flora.  Melanie amanages the DBG Docent Progam and is co-chair of the Annual Bulb Sale. She also manages and maintains our plant database.

John Anderson, Director and Literary Garden

John Anderson, Director and Literary Garden

John is a former president of DBG and currently serves on the Literary Garden committee where he contracts for services, maintains that project's budget and garden maintenance.

Hollis Hassenstein, Director and Horticulturist Hollis Hassenstein, Director and Horticulturist

As our Horticulturist, Hollis works closely with the Curator to determine selection of plants, trees, and shrubs that are best suited for our area.

Theresa Anderson, Director, Chair of the Literary Garden 
Theresa was formerly secretary of the board and docent coordinator. She currently chairs the Literary Garden Committee and is a member of the New Gardens Committee.  

Kathy Ballew, Director, Gardens on Tour

Kathy is chair of the 2022 Gardens on Tour and DBG's liaison to the city of Durango as it develops a new, water efficient garden at the city's Utilities Department.
Lynn MitzlLynn Mitzlaff, Director and Garden Maintenanceaff, Director and Garden Maintenance Team Leader
Lynn coordinates and chairs a committee that manages and leads our nearly 50 garden volunteers in maintaining our gardens. 

Cathy Metz, Director and Director of Outreach

As Director of Parks & Recreation for the city of Durango for 25 years, Cathy was instrumental in helping the Durango Botanic Gardens develop a Memorandum of Understanding with the city enabling DBG to build public gardens.  Joining the board in 2022, Cathy continues to expand the DBG relationship with the city and other local institutions.  She is also chair and in charge of developing the new Community Venue Garden.

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NOTE: Our physical location is 1900 E. Third Avenue, at the Durango Public Library. The gardens are located to the north and east of the library, along the Animas River Trail.

Mailing Address:

Durango Botanic Gardens

10 Town Plaza, #460

Durango, CO  81301

Phone: 970-880-4841

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Durango Botanic Gardens

Our Location:

The Durango Botanic Gardens are physically located at the Durango Public Library, to the north and east of the library.  The library is located at 1900 E. 3rd Ave., Durango.

There is no admission charge.  Stroll the gardens yourself (there is ample signage in most gardens) or call us at 970-880-4841 to arrange a group tour. See our Information Tab for more.

Contact Us:

10 Town Plaza, #460
Durango, CO  81301    

Phone:  970-880-4841

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